Scientific articles 

Nordhjem, B., Curcic-Blake, B. J., Meppelink, A. M., Renken, R. J., De Jong, B. M., Leenders, K. L., van Laar, T., & Cornelissen, F. W. (2015). Lateral and medial ventral occipitotemporal regions interact during the recognition of images revealed from noise. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience9, 678. [link]

Nordhjem, B., Petrozzelli, C. I. K., Gravel, N., Renken, R. J., & Cornelissen, F. W. (2015). Eyes on emergence: Fast detection yet slow recognition of emerging images. Journal of vision15(9), 8-8. [link]

Nordhjem B., Klug, J., & Otten, B. (accepted) Faces in motion: Embodiment, Emotion and Interaction. Leonardo. [pdf]

Nordhjem B, Ghedini F, Cornelissen FW (accepted) The neural correlates of geometrical and figural bistable perception. Vision Research.

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Conference abstracts

Nordhjem B, Kurman Petrozzelli CI, Gravel N, Renken R, Cornelissen FW (2014) Systematic eye movements during recognition of emerging images. J Vis 14:1293–1293. [link]

Nordhjem B, Meppelink A M, Ćurčić-Blake B, Renken R, de Jong B M, Leenders K L, van Laar T, Cornelissen FW (2012) Making sense of noisy visual input: interactions between lateral and medial ventral brain regions associated with object recognition. Perception 41:196. [link]

Nordhjem B, Petrozzelli C K, Gravel N, Renken R, Cornelissen FW (2013) Eye movements while viewing coarse and fine image information. Perception 42:41. [link]


MSc Thesis

Research master, Cognitive Neuroscience, Leiden University, 20011 [pdf]


Magazine publications

Geloven is zien (interview), Quest magazine, September 2013 [pdf]

CREW: Penetrating deeper into the temporal lobe, [AR]t magazine, November, 2012 [pdf]

Bistabiele waarneming, Psyche en Brein, February, 2012 [pdf] / English translation [pdf]



Matter of life, presentation and panel discussion, MU gallery, 2015 [link]

Stand van Stad, Talkshow, 2014 [link]

Eyes on emergence, Day of Perception, 2014

Science, art and embodied emotions, Science Acts #3, Aa Kerk, Groningen, 2014

I regularly give lectures about visual perception, most of my slides are on [slideshare]


Exhibitions and art 

GenderBlender, MU gallery, Eindhoven, NL, 2014 [link]

400 years of academic science, Aa Kerk, Groingen, NL, 2014 [link]

Freeze festival, De Harmonie, Leeuwarden, 2012

Noorderzon festival, Groningen, NL, 2012

Night of Art and Science, Groningen, NL, 2012

Visuals for Kiloton, Language Lost, LP+DVD release, 2010 [link]