Moving faces – a lecture about art and science

I had the pleasure of talking about emotions, embodied cognition and how the (e)motion installation was created as a collaboration between artists and scientists.

Photo by Afke Manshanden

Presentation at Science Acts, 8th of May 2014, Aa-church in Groningen.

How do we read emotions? How do we use facial movements to communicate? Barbara Nordhjem is doing research in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience. She is studying visual perception and is investigating these questions. She made the installation (e)motion in collaboration with mediaartist Jan Klug and professor of Neuromechanics Bert Otten and will explain how the installation works and was created between art and science.

You can find my presentation on slideshare.

Video: (e)motion installation at the exhibit ’400 Years of Science’

(e)motion installation (e)motion installation